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LYFT Media Solutions is a business in the making. We are working to become an Atlanta based Social Media Firm that strives to generate conversation and strengthen the brand of small to medium size businesses as well as individuals through the use of local and online community driven tools and viral marketing.

We have a passion for creating engaging conversations through the use of social media outlets such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. LYFT is old English for floating and we strive to create strategies and content that will allow you and your business to rise to the top of its game with ease.

Key Players

Terry’s passion for PR and promotions started at an early age and lead her to Ithaca College where she majored in Theatre Arts Management with a focus on marketing.  Following her graduation she lived and worked abroad for two years gaining valuable experience in communicating with various cultures and a solid professional background.  In 2007 she returned to Ithaca, NY to work for Cornell University.  During her time there she narrowed her marketing passion down to the use of social media and became a leader on Cornell’s campus in using these ever evolving tools. She honed her skills in leveraging Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to generate sales, which resulted in a 50% increase in student participation for the Department of Theatre, Film & Dance.

Dan Stevens graduated with a bachelors degree from Northwestern University in psychology with an emphasis on research and statistical methods.  He has been a counselor, teacher and a behaviorist.  In all of these roles, he has used statistical data analysis to maximally benefit programmatic design for his clientele.

In 2010 they relocated to Atlanta, GA with the ambition of starting a business.  Having a superior knowledge and experience of social media and an enthusiasm for staying abreast of new trends, Terry will be the key talent and creative direction of LYFT Media Solutions.  Dan has proven analytic and technical skills that will create a solid foundation to ensure that the efforts of the company remain on track for reaching the client’s goals.

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