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To Google+ or Not to Google+, That Is The Question…

December 6, 2011

G+About a month ago, Google+ opened up for business pages. Many businesses both small and large are wondering if they should be investing time in this new platform. Google+ saw an amazing, rapid growth over the summer, earning themselves the title of the fastest growing social network. The problem they have had is holding on to their users. Many people’s unhappiness with Facebook drove them to test drive the new platform, only to leave it shortly after because they felt like no one was using it.

I interrupt this blog post to inform you of the following: the below advice is for business that have nothing to do with the tech industry because there are plenty of those consumers on Google+. They are about the only demographic that is holding on strong. It is their little club. Your Google+ strategy will be very different.

Now that Google+ has opened up to businesses is it worth your business being there? I say yes, but not for the same reasons your business should be on Facebook or Twitter. Currently marketers are flocking to G+ and setting up business pages with few users to interact with. Think about who your audience is. They might not be on Google+, but your competitors are. Use this space to stand out within your industry. Use it has a space to network with them and become a thought leader within your industry.

Secondly, you can use some of the tools on G+ to bring your audience there. Hangouts, for example, are one of the best features on Google+. Use this feature to provide customer service to your audience, behind the scene looks at your company, question and answer sessions, the possibilities are endless.

Finally, Google is search! Search is what brings you business. The long and the short of it is, the more you are active within Google’s space the more searchable you will be. People might interact with your business on Facebook, but they search for things on Google.

Bottom line is that it is one more free tool for you to tell your business’ story, why pass that up? Disagree with me? Leave a comment. I’d love a discussion about this as history is being made.

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