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Facebook Business Pages Get A New Look!

February 10, 2011

Facebook business page If any of you out there admin a Facebook business page you’ll notice that you have the option of giving the page an upgraded look.  I just upgraded mine and I LOVE it!

The new look is in response to Facebook Places.  If you are a business with a physical location, your customers are now going to be able to check into your location and have their check ins logged on your page.  This means check ins are more important than likes.  Who cares how many people like your business if they aren’t going there!

The second change that I love is that as an admin I can comment from my own perspective or the businesses.  This was a huge road block for me in the past and I’m glad I finally have that option.

Finally the whole look of the page finally reflects the most recent update in the user’s profile.  If you are a businesses that uploads a lot of photos you will really enjoy this new lay out.

When you log into you business page it will give you the option to preview and tour the new layout.  I think you’ll find the new features really useful.

I’m excited to start to play around in the new layout and hopefully it will be even easier for businesses to communicate and interact with their audiences.  If you are using them let me know what you think!




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