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Social Messaging

November 16, 2010

Yesterday Facebook announced that it was launching a new messaging system.  There were a lot of rumors floating around about Facebook adding e-mail to their services.   That is only part of their new messaging system.  Below is a video that I found on YouTube that does a pretty good job of explaining the way it works.

If you are still not sure how it works, check out Facebook’s Facebook page.   There you will find a longer video that goes into more detail and it comes from the source.

Personally, I’m excited for this!  I’ve thought for the last few years that e-mail was heading towards a more profile based system.  I think that it is a lot more personal and easier to just click on a photo of the person I want to message than to type in their e-mail address.  It is also hard to keep up with people as they change e-mail addresses.  This new system eliminates that worry.

Another nice feature is that all your communication with a particular user will be logged.  I know Facebook is primarily for personal use, but I can totally see the benefit of this function in a business setting.  How many people have searched through their inbox or specific folders looking for one particular e-mail from a coworker?  With this system, all you will need to know is the person’s name and you’ll quickly be able to search all of your communications with that person.

For now Facebook is only testing the system on a small group and will slowly roll out the product to the masses.  As soon as I get an invite to try it,  I’ll post my thoughts on it.

How do you think you’ll use the new Facebook Messages?


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