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Coco’s Back!

November 8, 2010

I'm with coco

Conan is back on tonight on TBS! 🙂  Now, I’m not actually an avid fan of late night TV.  Until recently my bed time was at 9:30…But what I love about Conan and his team is their acceptance of Social Media.  At the beginning of 2010 you may remember the war that broke out on NBC over the late night hosts, Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno.  Conan had recently taken over The Late Night Show with Leno moving to an earlier time slot.  After a very brief time, the network decided to give The Late Night Show back to Leno and kick Conan and his staff to the curb.

Conan fan’s were outraged and one fan in particular, Mike Mitchell,  started a Social Media movement “I’m With Coco.”  The Facebook page quickly grew and currently has over a million fans.  The Tonight Show, NBC, nor Conan’s staff did anything to prompt this movement, but went with it.  They did a fantastic job of keying in on the emotions of their viewers and not exploiting them.   At no point did Conan’s staff take credit for “I’m With Coco” but were grateful and appreciative of the fan support.  Instead of taking it over or controlling it, they joined them and engaged.

Conan and his staff have of course had good reason to jump on board the I’m With Coco movement.  Support and social credibility in that volume is hard to create and must be nurtured.  In preparation for tonight’s show, they gave away 10,000 t-shirts  (1,000 each day for ten days)   from Busted Tees.  To get one of the shirts you had to be following @teamcoco on twitter.  Each day they would tweet a code and web page to enter the code.  The first 1,000 to do so would get that day’s shirt.  Each day was different and the shirts were gone in minutes.  I’m wondering if anyone out there was able to collect all ten?  I got the Halloween one, Zombie Conan.

Team Coco Tshirt

If there is a t-shirt to be won, I will win it. No luck on the lottery yet...

As a small business you don’t have the influence that Conan does, so starting a movement solely generated by fans with no prompting on your part probably isn’t going to happen.  But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t out there talking about your business.  Follow the lead from Conan’s team and let them talk and engage with them!  Social media is all about the conversation, so make yourself part of it.  The more open and casual you are in your interactions, the more you will fit in the environment.   No one will listen to you if you sound like a paid ad, but putting in the time to interact with your clients will pay off in the end.

What is your best tip for interacting with your customers online?

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