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Do Your Holiday Shopping From The Comforts of Facebook.

November 3, 2010

Facebook and Amazon have teamed up to offer a new and unique shopping experience.  You can purchase a gift card through Amazon and have it sent to your friends via their Facebook wall.  For more of the logistics you can read this article posted on Mashable.

Facebook/Amazon gift card

But what does this mean for your small businesses?  Online shopping has just become even more convenient for the user and this feature has made their purchase VERY public.  This public display of affection is very powerful and difficult to compete with.  Though you may not have the influence of Amazon, you can be creative in engaging your customers in a similar manner.

Three simple ways to encourage your customer to post about your business:

1. Do a promotion through a geo-locator application like Facebook’s Places or Foursquare.  This will give users an incentive to publicly mark their location to all of their friends.

2. The root of social media is about conversation, not marketing and publicity.  If your business offers a service or has a unique expertise, consider hosting  a focused chat in Twitter.  This will draw like-minded users to your specialty while increasing the presences of the topic of your business among all of their followers.   This is a great way to become a leader in your industry and your customers/clients will recognize it.

3. Create a Facebook “thank you post”  This may take some tech skills but could be really beneficial  for an online retailer.  Create a post that users can simply insert into their status updates and include it in your confirmation e-mail.  Use your logo or product image and have the pre-generated message say something to the effect of  “I just completed my holiday shopping online at “insert business name.”  I can’t wait to share these great gifts with my friends & family.”  If you are really tech savvy and it is a gift purchased for a friend and the customer has provided the friend’s name,  you could insert that name into the message as well, thus doubling your visibility.   I’m not a programmer myself, but we see this technology being used everyday when people share articles.  It is readily available, it is just a matter of implementing it in a new way.

I like the idea of the ease of the Amazon card and the personal touch of delivering on Facebook, but will probably not be my first choice when shopping for the holidays.  Personally, I would much rather support a small online retailer, but I am curious to see how this feature will expand on Facebook in the coming months.  I hope to eventually see this feature available to smaller businesses.

What are your holiday business strategies going to be this year?

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  1. November 9, 2010 3:38 pm

    it nice think thank you

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